The Watcher by Ross Armstrong


Rating: ♥ ♥

It started so well. Several pages in and the legend on the cover that said “The Girl On The Train meets Rear Window” had a ring of authenticity. Our prime protagonist Lily is supposed to be a keen birdwatcher although she does little of that with her binoculars, preferring to spy on the residents of adjoining apartment blocks. She regales her husband Aiden with her take on their daily lives. Or does she? Careful here. Spoilers to be avoided. But then she sees something suspicious in a neighboring tower block and keeps it to herself. I just could not connect with Lily as the story progressed. Is she being watched without realizing. By whom? Why? Nobody, it appears, wants to listen to Lily’s developing paranoia. She keeps a journal, it seems to be addressed to someone. But who? Will we ever find out?

There are some heart-stopping moments, particularly toward the end, which is just as well, as I was struggling to complete the book. Overall, it’s good although I found much of the plot irritating.

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