The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

There is a reason why I love this author.  Her talent and imagination are over powering.  I have read her Shiver Trilogy and it was fabulous! This is one of her new books, by the end of the book I couldn’t tell if I wanted to cry or shout for joy! I highly recommend everyone checks out this book and this author!

This story is loosely based on the legend of the Capall Uisce (pronounced CaPple Ishka), the water horse.  Maggie took her own spin on the legend for this captivating story.

The Scorpio Races take place on the tiny, fictional island called Thisby. Every November, water horses emerge from the black ocean and gallop the beach beneath the cliffs of Thisby. They are hungry for blood and flesh. And each November, men capture these horses for a thrilling and deadly race.

Both Sean Kendrick, four time champion, and Kate “Puck” Connolly, newcomer to the races, will ride this year, and both of them have more to gain — or lose — than in any previous year. But only one can win.

“Puck” chooses to ride her own horse.  Not one of the Capall Uisce’s captured from the sea.  She uses it to her advantage.  The water horses are drawn to the salty sea, as the races are right on the beach, many get distracted and plunge back into their ocean home, sometimes bringing along their riders. The water horses are brutal creatures, but also show a different side, once trained away from the tide.

In the end, sometimes winning the race becomes not so important.  It’s the loyalty of an half animal, half beast and those who stand by your side.

This was such a captivating story, I felt like I was there on the beach, riding along side the Capall Uisce, the smell of the sea and magical scent of the water horses as they tore into each others sides trying to win the race. Watching as they plunged into the ocean where they truly belonged. Utterly Amazing!

The Brown House by Christy Sloat

“My friend Lyn had told me about the history of the Brown’s.  She told me about how the little girl died of influenza and after her death the mom sort of went a little crazy.  Then she told me how even when the house was abandoned the corner room light would be on.  How people would hear little girl screams coming from the house.” I paused to make sure she was following before I continued.  She was.  “Then, last night on the way home form her house I saw a light on in the room so I ran to the house.  Once I got upstairs the light was still on.  Then…” I stopped myself.  It sounded ridiculous coming out of my mouth.


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This book was sent to me by the author.  I found her on  This was a very fast read for me, as I love a good ghost story.

We all know that there are some houses out there that are just down right creepy.  Brylee Branson had just moved from California to a small town in New Jersey.  Completely opposite weather from what she was used to. As if her life isn’t hard enough, going from Miss popular at school to Miss nothing due to money troubles, her and her family move into “The Brown House”.  A house everyone claims to be haunted.  Brylee can’t fathom that this house is haunted.  I little eerie yes, but haunted?  Until things start to happen that she cannot explain.  She confides in her new found friends, which happen to be her new neighbors.  Together, they try and figure out what is going on.  Brylee see’s the ghost of a little girl, hears voices and has encounters with a woman.  Not only can she see these ghost, but she has also found a friend that just happens to be the ghost of a girl who messed with the “Brown House” curse and died.  Her new found talent of being able to see ghost is starting to effect her emotionally as she is now getting phone calls from these ghost.  As her and her friends try to crack the curse and free all the people of past, they discover that they have opened up a new can of worms.

This is a classic haunted house story with a wicked twist! The only part I didn’t enjoy was, towards the end, I felt the story could have gone on another 5-6 chapters.  Instead it went to an epilogue and I felt like the story was getting really exciting until then.  I felt like it could have been wrote out to finish out the book.  I do see that it says “book one” on the cover, can’t wait to find out what happens next!!

November is National Adoption Awareness Month

Adoption is an amazing thing.  When I was eight-months old, my birth mother put me up for adoption.  I was adopted through the Nebraska Children’s Home Society.  It was a huge blessing!  My family was the Guinea pigs for Open Adoption with the Nebraska Children’s Home.  Growing up, my parents would talk at several Nebraska Children’s Home meetings and now I tell my story of what it was like to have an open adoption and let the parents wanting to adopt, how I see it from the adoptee’s point of view.