True Tails from the Dog Park by Max and Luther


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

What a fun idea for a book!  I am a dog lover and this cover just screamed at me to read this, look at those faces!  Of course, they do not look like two dog up to no good right?  True Tails from the Dog Park is a compilation of hilarious stories told from Max & Luther’s point of view along with some of their furry friends.  We do not have a dog park in our town, so it was fun to read all of the quirky ideas pet parents come up with do to at a dog park.  I mean, who in their right mind would bring HUMAN FOOD to a dog park?  You will find yourself laughing and possibly relating to some of these tales.  You will learn the dog park rules and tips that are best to be followed or you may end up on the ground with a dog hovering over you wanting your sandwich!   I loved the illustrations in this book, they paired well with the stories they were told about!  Calling all dog lovers, if you haven’t read this book already, snatch it up, you will not be disappointed!

The Fox and The Hound by Daniel P. Mannix


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The Fox and The Hound, before you read let me tell you that this is not the Disney version but it is what the movie is derived from.   In the Disney film, Tod and Copper are best friends but eventually realize they come from different worlds and go their separate ways.  In the book, there is no such friendship.  It is a story of a hunter and his dog trying to get revenge for the death of the hunter’s other pup that died in the process of tracking the fox.

What I loved about this novel, among other things, is that the story is told from both Tod and Copper’s perspectives, alternating every chapter or so.  The author has done so much research into every aspect of the story, going so far as to live with a pair of foxes for over a year, and it really shows.  The internal dialogue of both animals is so convincing, and it’s a strange experience.  Hats off to Mannix for making you feel so whole-heartedly for the character from both sides of the fence.

Although the ending practically ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped it into the ground, I absolutely loved it.

The Bird Eater by Ania Ahlborn


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Aaron Holbrook, a character who has experienced nothing but tragedy throughout his life.  His mother died when he was only sixteen months old, his aunt died when he was fourteen, and recently lost his only son, Ryder, in a car accident.  The loss of his son causes him to spiral into addiction and leads to the crumbling of his marriage to his wife, Evangeline.   His therapist suggests he head back to his childhood home in Ironwood, Arkansas as a way to work on himself and attempt to piece his life back together after the tragic death of his son.

Things seem to be slowly turning around for Aaron as he reconnects with his childhood best friend Eric Banner and first love Cheri Vaughn and begins repairing the Holbrook House, which has fallen into disrepair due to the neighborhood kids who frequently broke into the house to get a glimpse of the  ghost that is rumored to haunt the property.  However, things quickly begin falling apart for Aaron.  He is frequently hearing strange noises coming from within the house and begins finding piles of dead birds in the living room. Aaron does not believe in the paranormal when he first returns to Ironwood and suspects he is being tormented by the town’s residents, but when his terrifying nightmares slowly bleed into reality and he is stalked by a mysterious young boy that only he can see, Aaron begins to realize their may be some truth behind the terrifying rumors associated with his childhood home.

The authors depiction of Aaron’s slow descent into madness due to the combination of overwhelming grief that has dominated his life and the haunting visions that come from living in the Holbrook House is extraordinary.  After experiencing so much heartache and tragedy, I couldn’t help but root for Aaron to overcome his crippling addictions and get his life back on track even as he slipped further away from reality.

The Bird Eater is a bleak and chilling tale that is an absolute must read for any horror fan!!!

The Breakup Doctor by Phoebe Fox


Review By: Therese Peregrine

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Brook Ogden takes on the role of helping others with their relationship problems.  The only problem is, she can’t help herself!

In sunny Fort Myers, Florida, Brook sees her therapy practice literally torn down in front of her, so her best friend Sasha comes up with the great idea of having Brook be the Break-Up Doctor!  It’s an idea that works very well: newspaper column, radio show, private practice; but Brook’s own love live keeps tripping her up.

Characters abound in this sun-drenched slice of life; her parents, brother, best friend, and some of the craziest clients you will find.   But mostly, it’s about Brook, who needs to learn the old adage:  “physician, heal thyself.”

Be sure to add this to your reading list, as I enjoyed it very much.

Bedside Manners by Phoebe Fox


Review By: Therese Peregrine

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥  ♥

Brook’s story continues, and it starts with a doozy of a case, in an S&M club!   And the madcap adventures carry on from there.

Brook’s best friend Sasha is in a serious relationship that makes Brook uncomfortable, as well as her own parents’ relationship.  As for Brook herself, she’s between a rock and a hard place—one guy is great for her and she knows it; the other guy is so very NOT good for her, but parts of her sure aren’t thinking when he’s around.

From a heartwarming, yet hilarious, take on group therapy to Brook’s continued struggles with her practice, her column, and her radio show, there is never a dull moment!

This book is a wonderful sequel to The Breakup Doctor, as it allows the main character to finally come to grips with her own breakup problems; but getting there for our gal Brook makes for some very fine reading!   Enjoy!

Bridges Burned by Annette Dashofy


Review By: Heather Tielke

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Bridges Burned by Annette Dashofy was my first Zoe Chambers series, (a little out of order, I know), but I am now hooked and kicking myself for not starting these sooner.

Zoe is a paramedic with a lot going on in her life. There is an explosion in her town and when first responders get to the scene they breathe a sigh of relief and are told that the house was foreclosed and empty. Little did they know that was just the beginning of a very complex case. An emotional man then shows up and tries to run into the house, yelling that his wife was inside.  Now came the question – was it an accident or murder?

Besides dealing with the escalating case and trying to help detectives figure out what exactly caused the series of unfortunate events throughout the book, Zoe has her complicated relationship with her best friend and local police chief, Pete, to keep her busy as well.

Bridges Burned has a great story line and definitely kept me intrigued right to the end. It’s a fun and crazy mix of romance, mystery and humor. I really liked how relatable and likeable the characters were.  Now, excuse me while I go read #1 and #2! 🙂