The Rosemary Spell by Virginia Zimmerman


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This book has such an amazing and creative concept, and a mystery all rolled into one! In The Rosemary Spell, solving a mystery becomes crucial, but is it too late and too dangerous?

Books and words have always been important to Rosemary and her best friend Adam, so when they discover an extremely old book in a locked cabinet in her father’s old study, they are excited beyond words. Is it perhaps a secret, magical, ancient book? Did it once belong to Shakespeare or perhaps to Constance Brooke, an elderly poet suffering from Alzheimer’s disease who used to live in their house? When they begin to write in the book at school and strange Shakespearean verse magically appears and their friend Shelby suddenly disappears, solving the mystery becomes crucial. But is it too late and too dangerous to rescue Shelby? Can they retain their memories of her so she doesn’t permanently vanish?

This fun, exciting tween mystery will appeal to readers and book lovers of all ages. Highly recommend!

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Bone Gap is a unique and very surreal book. I appreciated its originality, and the writing is lovely. It had some interesting twists that I did not expect!

This is a story about perception and reality, and how people rarely have the two things aligned when it comes to those around them.

Roza is a beautiful woman who appears suddenly in the town of Bone Gap and is taken in by two brothers, Sean and Finn. Sean is the strong and steady older brother who has looked after his younger brother Finn since their mother left town to get remarried. Finn is a boy who keeps to himself and is thought of by the townspeople as easily distracted, earning him various nicknames such as Sidetrack. So when Roza disappears one day as suddenly as she appeared, no one really takes Finn seriously when he tells them she was kidnapped by a strange man whose face he can’t really describe.

The story alternates between Finn and Roza, and what unfolds is an impressive piece of storytelling. For all that he doesn’t care much for people, Finn does see Priscilla, or Petey as she prefers, and as he draws closer to her, he is able to deal with some of his unhappiness at not being able to do anything to help Roza. Roza meanwhile has a story of her own that begins long before her kidnapping.

The Outliers (The Outliers #1) by Kimberly McCreight


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I didn’t realize until I got this book that I had previously read Kimberly McCreight’s, Reconstructing Amelia!  This book also didn’t disappoint!

Wylie is dealing with the death of her mother in a car accident while also dealing with mental issues. The high school junior has been seeing a therapist since she was in elementary school. Wylie has a tendency to throw up or pass out when the situation gets stressful. Since the death of her mother, she has also developed agoraphobia and has not left the house for weeks.

After getting a strange text from her ex-best friend Cassie begging for help, this ex- best friend sends her boyfriend Jasper to help.   The two get to know each other better as they travel from Boston up into Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine following Cassie’s cryptic clues. Along the way they meet people who help them and people who hinder them. When they find Cassie, they learn that all of their problems are just beginning.

This was an entertaining story about the length someone will go for their friends. It also take sort of a science fiction twist before its cliffhanging conclusion.  This is the first in a trilogy and it did seem like there was a lot of setting up happening for future plots but overall, it made me excited to see where the series goes from here!