Unspeakable by Kevin O’Brien



A family of four murdered in their hotel room. A single mother and her boyfriend both stabbed to death. A sordid history of violent crimes, repeated over and over–but decades apart. . .


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Child actor Collin’s mother is murdered in what appears to be a drug-related crime, so he moves in with his grandparents. As a joke with his new friends, Collin is hypnotized. The person he becomes seems extremely violent and unstable. The friends laugh it off, but Collin is scared. A therapist opens an office in Seattle after fleeing her previous position when a client kills a colleague and himself in her office. Everything seems to be going well until she receives a phone call from Collin asking her to hypnotize him.  The story that evolves from here is amazing.  I was entertained though out the whole book and where I thought the story was going turned out to be completely wrong and I was so surprised to find out the truth behind it all!!  I highly recommend this book for thrill seekers!  Now I’m really going to have to read all of Kevin’s books! Heart-pounding suspense, unique twists and turns, awesome!

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