Zoo by James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge


Published: Grand Central Publishing

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

“For some reason, animals are turning on humans — someone has to find a way to stop this!”

I have never read anything by James Patterson, surprisingly as he is a top selling author!  This book was a bullet to read!

-All over the world, brutal attacks are crippling entire cities.-

Biologist Jackson Oz has been expelled from college and rejected by the scientific world for his wildly improbable theory, HAC — Human-Animal Conflict.  His hypothesis is that animal behavior is changing  and not for the better.  From extensive research into the increase of animal attacks on humans, he’s concluded that throughout the world, species after species are displaying hyper- aggressive behavior toward one particular animal…man! And it isn’t just wild animals, either, as reports of injuries from cats and dogs have been increasing, as well. But he can’t get anyone to take him seriously. That is until the attacks continue to escalate.

As scientists come to grips with the reality that the human race worldwide is in danger of annihilation from the packs of roaming animals, they finally turn to Oz for help.  But is it too late to figure out what is causing the problem and to rectify it in time to save mankind? And will the solution Oz comes up with work for the entire world?

James Patterson’s ZOO is an epic, non-stop thrill-ride!  It was a good ‘first impression’ for me of his writing!

READ THE FIRST 23 CHAPTERS HERE FOR FREE! : http://www.amazon.com/Zoo-Preview-First-Chapters-ebook/dp/B007152SZ2

LISTEN TO 5 CLIPS FROM THE AUDIO BOOK HERE FOR FREE! : http://www.jamespatterson.com/books_zoo.php#audiobook

2 thoughts on “Zoo by James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge

  1. Ooh I have to read this immediately! It sounds just like a short story I wrote recently for my writing group’s anthology and was planning a whole series of short stories as a result!

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