Thank You note from a solider I sent books to for my project, Books for Soldiers!



Update on Sebastian!


Update: Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts, they have helped Sebastian out so much! We will be bringing him home tomorrow, but we will still need your prayers as we will probably have about 8 weeks of rehabilitation for him. We will know more tomorrow once we talk with the professors! Thank you again, we really appreciate your thoughts and prayers!!!!!!

Z Plan Series update from the author, Mikhail Lerma!

Z Plan Series update from the author, Mikhail Lerma!

‎Z Plan-Blood on the Sand by my featured author of the month for January, Mikhail Lerma is in progress of finishing up his second book in the series! He is also getting ready to reveal a third book! Check out Mikhail and my book review for the first book in this exhilarating series!

Z Plan-Blood on the Sand Book Review:

Interview with the author:

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