Icons by Margaret Stohl



Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I’m giving this book 4 stars out of 5.  I really enjoyed this book, but it was kind of hard to follow along with what exactly was going on in some parts, but it was a great book other than that!

Icons was a book I was excited for, and I really wanted to like, not because the author wrote Beautiful Creatures but because the cover was very intriguing as well.

Icons takes place in a future where aliens invaded the Earth and created contraptions that give them the ability to control how long you live. Main character Dol has lived since the Day and has been living in the countryside, far away from the Sympas, the cities and the Icons. On Dol’s birthday Sympa soldiers invade the safe haven the Padre created and in the end, capture Dol and her best friend Ro. The two are taken to the Embassy. Immediately Dol and Ro are worried and have many questions like what their new lives in the Embassy entail.

While in the Embassy, Dol and Ro meet a captured girl named Tima and meet Ambassador Amare’s son, Lucas who Dol is drawn to. What brings them all together are the strange birthmarks that are on each person and the strange abilities that they all have. Dol can feel emotions and she knows that the others can do superhuman things as well. After giving up a book that might have had all the answers Dol could ever need, the group begins to wonder if they are part of something larger than themselves and if their sudden meeting is not so much of a coincidence as they believe.

Icons throws you right into action, mystery and a seriously fast pace. The first hundred-or-so pages seriously sent my mind spinning and had me hooked. The novel starts with a prologue that takes place on the Day when Dol’s entire family drops dead and the Icons show off their true power. The novel slows down as Dol and Ro celebrate Dol’s birthday. Everything seems fine and happy, it’s the future and it all seems pleasant until the Sympas show up and there’s action and murder all over the place.

The one thing that makes this bok very different than most novels I’ve read are the classified documents that come before every single chapter. They are sometimes letters between the Ambassador and other character that have transcripts of events or articles from before the Day or snippets from the book that Dol gave away. It’s really cool and makes the novel feel really authentic and real. I was worried about the authenticity of the novel at first, but after all of this, it became clear that Icons is as authentic as it gets.  The characters in Icons are ones that I think are memorable and will leave readers wanting to know what happens next to them.

I’d recommend Icons to readers that are looking for a dystopian novel with a twist, readers who are fans of alien invasions and readers who want a story about love and death.