Mostly Sunny: How I Learned to Keep Smiling Through the Rainiest Days by Janice Dean


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh Janice Dean, the most bubbly person you get to see in the mornings if you watch Fox & Friends!  She always seems happy, so I thought this book would be interesting to read on how she learned to “keep smiling through the rainiest days”.  She always reminds me of myself, always trying to look on the bright side and bubbly!

Janice had wanted to be a news reporter ever since she was little.  Her first gig was HORRIBLE with Imus in the Morning.  I mean, some of the things that Janice went through there… was jaw dropping!  Thank goodness she got out of there when she could!  She is now a full-time meteorologist on Fox & Friends, with much better co-workers.

This story talks about all the crazy things she went through to get to where she is today, including her battle with multiple sclerosis.  She survived attacks, adversity, and a business controlled by ruthless men. She knows how love, counting your blessings, and having a good therapist can get you through more than you would expect.

I loved how honest Janice was in her book and she talks about it all, with no holding back!  Including the fateful meeting with her firefighting husband after he lost his colleagues on 9/11 and how the pressure on women in television led her to a cosmetic procedure that could have ended her career.   Somehow, through everything, here she is, refusing to let any of it rain on her parade!  I just love her!  This is a must read!

Available on Amazon – Mostly Sunny: How I Learned to Keep Smiling Through the Rainiest Days by Janice Dean

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