The Missing Years by Lexie Elliott


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This was a eerie story, told from the view of Ailsa Calder.  Ailsa has just inherited a house after her mother passes away, one that she hasn’t been back to for several years.

Once arriving, her plan is to sell the house and be back to her boyfriend in a timely manner, only to find out that she is the inherit of only half of the house.  The other half belongs to her father, who mysteriously disappeared without a trace 27 years ago.

Returning to her childhood home, she is also joined by her half sister whom she hasn’t really spent time with since Ailsa left for college.  Even with her sister there with her in the house, which has a name….The Manse….Ailsa cannot shake the odd feeling bubbling up inside.   It’s almost as if the house itself is watching her.  It also doesn’t help when other odd events start to happen, such as the fact that no animals will set foot in the gates of The Manse.

Ailsa soon meets her neighbors and a few other locals, whose parents were also friends with her father and mother.  Stories begin to emerge from the past that make Ailsa think she shouldn’t have come back at all.  Ailsa starts to realize that the house is trying to tell her something….something about her father.

I thought this was a great story that kept me turning the pages, wanting to find out what was going to happen next!  There were some elements of the story that I wish the author would have gave more light upon a tad more, such as the reasoning told of the house’s history as well as the part about ‘time’.  I won’t say anymore as it will give too much away!  Still a great book for anyone who loves a good eerie mystery!

Readers be prepared, The Manse has been waiting for Ailsa to arrive after all these years and it’s ready to show her the truth, even if it costs Ailsa everything.

Available on Amazon – The Missing Years by Lexie Elliott


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Expected publication: April 23rd 2019 


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