The Invited by Jennifer McMahon


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I have enjoyed every book I’ve read by Jennifer McMahon so far and was excited to get the chance to read her newest book “The Invited”!  It too did not disappoint! The other books I have read by her are “The Night Sister” and “The Winter People” – click on the titles to find my reviews for them!

This is a chilling ghost story with a unique twist!  Helen and Nate wanting a change, decide to leave the comforts of their lives behind.  They find land in the woods of Vermont where they are determined to build a dream home from scratch.  They do have to live in a rundown trailer that sits on the land until they get their new house built.

Helen is a former history teacher and wanted to find a place that had a story, in which they did.  She soon becomes consumed by the legend of Hattie Breckenridge, a woman who used to lived and unfortunately died tragically on the land they bought to build their new home.

While looking into the dark past of Hattie, Helen begins to collect odds and end pieces of materials for their home.  She finds old wooden beams, mantles and bricks – all just happened to be linked to Hattie and her descendants.  Three generations of women who all have died in suspicious circumstances.

In most stories we read, a family moves into an already haunted house.  In this unique story, a haunted house is being built piece by haunted piece.  Nate and Helen start to experience unusual things. Helen soon realizes that she has opened up a doorway to their new home for something else entirely.

This was a fast read for me as the story stayed suspenseful almost through the entire thing.  It kept you wondering what was going to happen next to the characters.  I highly recommend you check out this author and her books, they are all well worth the read!

Available on Amazon – The Invited by Jennifer McMahon

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