Wolf at the Door by Barbara Corcoran


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I picked this book up at our library’s used book sale, it’s a children’s/juvenile which I love to read every once in awhile!

I love books about wildlife and wolves in particular.  This story is about a young girl who has to move into a secluded house with her family when her dad gets a new job.  She’s reluctant at first, but on the way to the new house she spots a small sign that says Zoo and begs her mom to stop.  They happen upon a dilapidated house and animals that are half starved in cages, including a young wolf.   Her mother promises they will be returning in a week.

When that day came, her mother decides that they are going to take the wolf home with them to save it from it’s current demise.  They also open the cages of some rabbits to set free.  Soon the young girl gets a random phone call and in the blink of eye, she now is caring for a whole pack of wolves.  These wolves are now becoming a controversy to local farmers and others, it becomes the young girls goal to keep these wolves protected at all costs.

A great story for young readers!

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