House of Echoes by Brendan Duffy


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥

Don’t let the cover fool you, the story is slightly creepy but not as creepy as I had hoped.  I have read Brendan’s book “The Storm King“, which came out this year and liked it, so thought I would read this story.

House of Echoes is in fact a thriller, but not how I had hoped.  The story is about the Tierney’s and their two young sons that are hoping to start over.  Ben and his wife inherit land in a village called Swannhaven, which is in a remote part of upstate New York.  They leave everything behind and decide to restore a huge estate to turn into a hotel of sorts.  The house is creepy, the town is creepy and the people in the town are creepy.

Then Ben starts to uncover the secrets of the town and their home.  Strange things start to happen.  Their oldest son Charlie starts to venture into the woods near by and sees someone or something deep within them.  This ‘thing’ in the woods is what had me going along with the creepy town and home, but as I was nearing two-thirds of the book, I still was left in the dark.  The story seemed to go on and on about things I really didn’t feel mattered to the story or maybe they did, because the ‘thing in the woods’ wasn’t what I was expecting it to be and I was almost disappointed.  I felt that the story had troubles focusing on what it really wanted to be told, leaving you with the feeling of unsatisfaction.  The writing was good, I just think the author would have picked something to focus on in the book, it would of made it a lot better.


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