Gwendy’s Button Box by Stephen King


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

”She approaches the button box with as much stealth as she can muster. When she’s within a few feet of it, the image of a wild animal asleep in its lair flashes in her head, and she thinks: The button box doesn’t just give power; it is power.

‘But I won’t,’ she mutters. Won’t what? ‘Won’t give in.’”

I enjoy reading books by Stephen King, this one caught my because of the the cover.  I decided to listen to it on audio and was surprised that it’s actually a really short story.

This is a strange short story…..but what do you expect….it’s Stephen King! There are only three ways up to get to Castle View, two roads and the Suicide Stairs.  Everyday in the summer, Gwendy Peterson takes the stairs.  One day as she reaches the top, a stranger calls her over to a bench he is sitting on.  He’s an odd looking fellow dressed all in black and on his head, a little black hat.

The strange man presents Gwendy with a box with many buttons, to which he explains to her what will happen when she pushes each one.  The buttons themselves have power beyond anything she can conceive, but with that power comes great responsibility. The man is cryptic in his explanations, which makes one wonder if even he knows the true power of all those buttons. The black button can not be pushed under any circumstances. The red button is a wild card. Each of the other buttons are tied to specific geographical regions. If the button that gave out chocolates weren’t so mouth watering amazing, a smart girl like Gwendy would have excused herself and broke into a fast trot back to the life that the fates had already strung for her……

I don’t know how Stephen King put so much tale into a short amount of time, but it was strange story that you’re just going to have to read/listen to!

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