The Good People by Hannah Kent


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥

I think what I expected from the book was a little bit more thrill, a little bit more lore.  The story line was good, but I never really had the feeling that ‘I needed to get up and check the random noises of the house’ type.

The Good People is a story taking place in Ireland 1825, about Nora Leahy who has lost her daughter and husband in the same year.  She now has to care for her daughters 4 year old son who can’t walk or talk.  Nora tries her best to keep him hidden from the hateful gossips she knows would start from his deformity, whom they may think was caused by ‘otherworldly’ things.

Unable to care for the child alone, Nora hires a 14 year old servant girl, Mary, who soon hears the whispers in the valley about the blasted creature causing grief to fall upon the widow’s house.  Mary and Nora seek out the only person in the valley who might be able to help the boy. For although her neighbors are wary of her, it is said that old Nance Roche has the knowledge. That she consorts with Them, the Good People. And that only she can return those whom they have taken.

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