Bone Gap by Laura Ruby


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Bone Gap is a unique and very surreal book. I appreciated its originality, and the writing is lovely. It had some interesting twists that I did not expect!

This is a story about perception and reality, and how people rarely have the two things aligned when it comes to those around them.

Roza is a beautiful woman who appears suddenly in the town of Bone Gap and is taken in by two brothers, Sean and Finn. Sean is the strong and steady older brother who has looked after his younger brother Finn since their mother left town to get remarried. Finn is a boy who keeps to himself and is thought of by the townspeople as easily distracted, earning him various nicknames such as Sidetrack. So when Roza disappears one day as suddenly as she appeared, no one really takes Finn seriously when he tells them she was kidnapped by a strange man whose face he can’t really describe.

The story alternates between Finn and Roza, and what unfolds is an impressive piece of storytelling. For all that he doesn’t care much for people, Finn does see Priscilla, or Petey as she prefers, and as he draws closer to her, he is able to deal with some of his unhappiness at not being able to do anything to help Roza. Roza meanwhile has a story of her own that begins long before her kidnapping.

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