Midnight Sun: A Novel by Elwood Reid


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Taut, riveting, and complex, Midnight Sun is an arctic Deliverance, a literary thriller set deep in beautiful but dark and indifferent Alaskan woods.

Narrator Jack and his buddy Burke fish on weekends, and work as carpenters during the day putting up cheap housing developments in Fairbanks. When Burke meets an older man, Duke, whose daughter Penny has joined a cult deep in the wilderness and never came back, our protagonists are dispatched to go save her. They are woefully unprepared, both for the voyage and for what they encounter at journey’s end.
The author skillfully builds up the mystery surrounding the leader of the commune, Nunn, and the strange grip he seems to hold on the various occupants of the camp who have escaped from civilization for various reasons.   But once Jack and Burke take off up the river to the camp to “rescue” Penny, the adventure really begins and Reid hits his stride.

A very unique and interesting read that I couldn’t put down!

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