Seeing Evil by Jason Parent


Fate in plain sight.

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Detective Samantha Reilly has been struggling with the death or her partner.  The only person who knows her truly is Michael Turcotte who is an eleven year old boy she rescued from the aftermath of his parents’ murder-suicide.

Seeing Evil is the story of Michael, an orphan who witnessed the murder of his parents when he was just a child and now he has the ability to see people’s futures. Not just any futures, but dark ones.  No one believes him when he gets his first visions until his visions become reality.

A strange girl named Tessa Masterson asks Michael about her future, and what he sees sends him back to Sam—is Tessa victim or perpetrator?

The real test comes when a girl Tessa approaches Michael for help and a mysterious body washes up at the shore. Are these two incidents connected?  Is the frightening future Michael sees when he touches Tessa’s hand destined to come true?

This book had me hooked from the start.  It was a mixture between thriller, paranormal, murder mystery genre!  The story is completely unique, I haven’t read anything like this before.  The author’s writing is superb!  The cover of the book is great too, it brings together the story for readers.  I look forward to reading more from this author!


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