My Return to the Future, 2350 by John Schmidt


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Author John Schmidt takes us on a futuristic journey into the year 2350.  John believes that he can some what predict what our future may look like based on probabilities.   He also believes  in divine revelation, that God is alive and wants to show us a wonderful new civilization that can be built in the next hundred years.  Interesting ideas that lead us into this book.  The story line makes you feel as if you are reading a futuristic fiction story, when the book is actually categorized into non-fiction.  It is inspirational and almost calming in a way.  John gives us a new approach to civilization’s evolution.  The book doesn’t sound as far fetched as one may think.  The book is very well thought out and will open your mind to new ideas and possibilities.  I haven’t ever read anything quite like this, it was refreshing. A creative, first-person assessment of what the human future could entail in 300 years.

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