The Fox and The Hound by Daniel P. Mannix


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The Fox and The Hound, before you read let me tell you that this is not the Disney version but it is what the movie is derived from.   In the Disney film, Tod and Copper are best friends but eventually realize they come from different worlds and go their separate ways.  In the book, there is no such friendship.  It is a story of a hunter and his dog trying to get revenge for the death of the hunter’s other pup that died in the process of tracking the fox.

What I loved about this novel, among other things, is that the story is told from both Tod and Copper’s perspectives, alternating every chapter or so.  The author has done so much research into every aspect of the story, going so far as to live with a pair of foxes for over a year, and it really shows.  The internal dialogue of both animals is so convincing, and it’s a strange experience.  Hats off to Mannix for making you feel so whole-heartedly for the character from both sides of the fence.

Although the ending practically ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped it into the ground, I absolutely loved it.

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