The Gates: A Samuel Johnson Tale (Samuel Johnson vs. the Devil #1) by John Connolly


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Samuel Johnson and his Dachshund Boswell were out walking when they noticed something strange happening at 666 Crowley Road.  It seems the Abernathy’s (who are not bad people, just bored) have decided to draw a pentacle on the floor and call on a nasty demon. Unfortunately, as the same time elsewhere in Europe, scientists are testing the new super collider and it happens to create a spark that opens a passage to the underworld and poor Samuel Johnson can see the Gates of Hell itself.  The Abernathy’s are not so lucky, and their souls are lost as their bodies are taken over by demons who want to open the gates of Hell and let in the Great Malevolence into our world.  Samuel feels the need to stop this from happening, but who will listen to an 11 year old boy? And who is the demon Nurd (the Scourge of Five Deities) and why does he keep appearing then disappearing?

Told in a great comic style with wonderful silly footnotes, this is a wonderful little book that can be read in a short amount of time but really enjoyed on so many levels.  The characters are lively, the situations suspenseful and the writing is terrific. It even leaves a little bit of a hint at a sequel.  I highly recommend this novel, I’ve already started on the next one!

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