Prodigy (Legend #2) by Marie Lu


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Prodigy wasn’t just good, it was spectacularly written, the plot was crafty, and so much better than Legend. Prodigy had its own main plot and it didn’t aimlessly go on like some middle books. The stakes are so much higher here; we have an assassination plot, finding people, trying to start a revolution against the Republics, and a lot of backstabbing. What is surprising was alliances were formed that we wouldn’t have expected, not in a million years.  Prodigy is also told from both Day and June’s point of view.  Don’t go thinking there is much romance and a love triangle or square, because throughout the book, the romance was insignificant to me in comparison to the big plans going on.  Yes, there is progression in the romance, some heartbreaks and a horrible cliffhanger, but for the most part Marie Lu stuck to the true meaning of the dystopian genre.  I loved that Day and June spent a big portion of the novel apart because this way Lu was able to cover a big portion of the plot and more action.The direction of the plot that Lu took hooked me.  The assassination plot allowed the whole book to progress in a way that kept the readers excited as well as allowed her to give us hints and here and there and create a few subplots, such as the relationship between Day and Tess. I also loved how Day and June have become celebrities in the eyes of the population and how Marie Lu used the whole revolutionary theme to free America in Prodigy.  In terms of the characters, I found Day to be a tiny bit to be easily mistrustful of June and easily persuaded by the people around him. As for June, I think she out shined everyone in Prodigy.  I have to admit that I wasn’t the biggest fan of her in Legend but she stole my heart in Prodigy.  She was kick butt, rational, logical, never lost sight of the plan and faithful.  We also have the new Elector who I surprisingly warmed up to.  All in all, I would highly recommend fans of Legend to pick up Prodigy as soon as possible, and for fans of dystopian novels who haven’t picked up Legend, to do so as soon as possible!

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