*Author Spotlight – CiCelia Jackson*


This volume is the 1st of 4 in the Expression’s Embrace poetry series. From Roses to Sparrows is a collection of expressions geared towards women of all ages, Queens and Princesses, but specifically written to give our blooming youth of little women something to ponder upon during their life’s journeys. It is also meant to speak to mature women to embrace the treasured privilege held in teaching them, thereby being dedicated to the integral communication between older women (Roses) and young ladies (Sparrows).

From Roses to Sparrows incites self expression, inspires, encourages, comforts, makes you laugh and smile…or just gives you something to think about. “We, each of us, are someone’s Rose and/or Sparrow and, at times, I think we need to be reminded of such.”


CiCelia Jackson is the Author and Poet of the Expression’s Embrace poetry series: Love of Love. Love of Life. Love of Word. Love of Mind. These poems are meant to incite self expression, to inspire, to encourage, to comfort, to make you laugh and smile…or to just give you something to think about. The 1st volume, released in Spring 2013, is “From Roses to Sparrows”, dedicated to the communication and interactions between older women (Roses) and young ladies (Sparrows). The 2nd volume is entitled “Revolutionary Revelations” and these selections will be more spiritual related. The 3rd volume is entitled “Love to Love What Love Can Be” and that’s pretty self explanatory, speaking on the different levels and boundaries of love and hate, and the emotions in between. The 4th and final volume in the series is entitled “From Redwoods to Eagles” and these expressions are dedicated to the communications and interactions between older men (Redwoods) and young men (Eagles).


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