Legend by Marie Lu



Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Okay everyone, drop what you are reading and pick up this trilogy!  I tell you what, if you like The Hunger Games or The Insurgent series you will LOVE this one for sure!  I read half of this book in one sitting!  The first in a trilogy, Legend tells the story of two highly intelligent, skilled teenagers on opposite sides of governing forces. Day, the hero, is crafty, agile and the “Robin Hood” of sorts to the people of The Republic. No one really knows whom he is, just that he fights back against and toys with The Republic.

Then we meet June, the antagonist turned hero, believes in what she knows until she meets Day. As she begins to question everything she knows, she starts to see and understand how alike her and Day really are.  June’s brother Metias dies, apparently killed by a young criminal named Day. June and her brother are soldiers of the Republic of the United States. June is a prodigy who scores a perfect 1500 in a trial that all young people have to take in order to be chosen for education and privilege. Although only 15, June goes under cover to track down Day and finds out that he is also a prodigy and the world is much worse than she could have imagined. Vivid, graphic, and realistic depictions of fights, remarkable feats of bravery and survival, and hard-scrabble life in plague-ridden slums. Believable and admirable characters. Suspense, terror, despair, optimism, triumph, and fear. The bad characters are resoundingly evil. This dystopian novel is about two 15-year old people coming of age, written by an author who started this book at age 14. This is as good as it gets, now I’m on the the second book!

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