*Author Spotlight – Justin Swapp*


Marcus Fith doesn’t believe in magic. And why should he? Marcus and his twin sister, Ellie, live in the loft above their grandparents magic shop, and he’s all too familiar with the hand buzzers, card tricks, and fake vomit kits. So, imagine his shock when he stumbles upon his grandfather hiding something in a secret room in the magic shop — the one that all the rumors are about.

Join Marcus and Ellie as they unravel a laundry list of family secrets, and are thrown into a world they never knew existed. Not only is the family business is a front, but Marcus has to develop his powers before the Dun-Bahr find him and assimilate the magic he was born to protect.

Will they survive?


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Born: October 5, 1975

Place of Birth: On a military base in Rota, Spain (Province of Cadiz)
Languages: English and Spanish

Education: This is where you might expect me to write that I ran a news paper at Layton High School, or that I at least put together the Yearbook, but I didn’t. I’ve always loved learning, but my eduction took me in the direction of business. I love being creative, and it took me a while to realize that. I’ve always loved writing, but I kind of suppressed it. So, two degrees later – A Bachelors in Business Marketing from The University of Phoenix, and an MBA from The University of Utah – I have to say that my education has served me well, but it’s also helped me realize that I need to be creative.
Childhood influences: The first book I series I ever read was the Lord of the Rings. I laid on a mattress in my room and devoured the pages. I had never read like that before, especially given that I had a harder time reading when I was younger. There was something about the story that compelled me to keep going. I didn’t know it at that time, but I wanted that power

As I grew up my love for writing was there, but it largely went unrecognized. It was when I entered my MBA program at the U of U that I decided to write a book (yeah, I know, strange timing.) Things accelerated quickly as I remembered the joy good reading brought me, and how I wanted to write what would be deemed as good reading.

Other influences came flooding back to me – movies, other books; people I had met, and various things I had experienced. I had resurrected something I loved, and my mind knew it was time to let everything loose.

Work experience: I traveled the world for work – mostly Latin America. For me, it was the various cultures and cities I lived in that helped form part of my writing. There is so much to see, and wonder about when you leave the USA, and I like to be held in wonder. I learned that part of my writing style is to try to hold the reader in suspense this way – with wonder.

Oh yeah, and the food is REALLY good outside the country too. Don’t get me wrong, I love the USA – we’re blessed to live here, but there is more for your plate than burgers and hot dogs.
Family: I live with my wife and four children, Braydon, Ashlee, Ellie, and Xander.

Pets: Currently no pets, but my children have been known to hide under the bed.

Favorite story I wrote: That’s tough. I’ve given each story I’ve ever written a piece of me.

Favorite character in my books: Elba from The Magic Shop. You’re just never sure which side she’s on.

In my spare time: I like to daydream, consume anything about the paranormal or mythical, play the guitar, and various games.

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