My Friend Merlin by Joanne Lecuyer


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Everyone has heard the story of Merlin, but have your children? Why not start with a new verison, a unique story about how Merlin and Arthur meet for the first time and change the fate of magic forever! Joanne introduces us to a boy who was destined to become a king and another who is a druid, none the less best friends they become. Once again, I have make a note about the illustrations in her books, they are comical and follow the story perfectly. These two boys have so many adventures in this book that any young reader will be inthralled to join them! My favorite chapter in the book was called “About Dragons”, even as an adult these stories made me smile! Joanne is magical in her writings. She can capture the imagination of anyone at any age. I have read many of her great stories and yearn to read more of these great adventures and stories of far away lands. This would be a great book for young boys wanting to learn more about mid evil times and magic of course!

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