Bird Box by Josh Malerman


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This is an incredible original horror/psychological suspense novel that reminds us that with all great horror, the unseen is so much more terrifying than the seen.  The story takes place after an eerie phenomenon begins to occur on a global scale. starting in Russia, moving to Alaska, and eventually making its way to “a nice suburb of Detroit” where our story picks up, people begin to see…something.  No one knows what this “something” is, because once it has been seen, it drives people to madness and suicide, frequently with some homicides along the way.  People begin boarding up their windows, blackening their windshields, and staying away from other people.  There is no way of knowing what this “something” wants, where it came from, what form it takes, or what the future of humanity will be.

This is the best kind of building, creeping horror, and the writing is perfectly suited to the story.   It is maddening at times when you want to be able to “see” what is happening, but you are at the mercy of the characters’ limited vision!

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