Level Zero Heroes by Michael Golembesky

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Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


I would first like to thank the author, Michael Golembesky for sharing his story with me.   Honestly, you cannot put a rating on this book.  No rating could ever be enough for what these men in this story and all around the world do for our freedom every single day.  Because of them, we can go out at midnight and do cartwheels in the yard if we want.   A useless example, but once you read “Level Zero Heroes”, you will want to spend your time doing much, much greater things with your life!

“Level Zero Heroes” is the first book written about the U.S. Marines Special Operations since it was created in 2006.  This book is written from the context of first account views from Team 8222 (MSOT), a 22-member squad of Marines serving in a village called Bala Murghab, Afganistan, an isolated Taliban stronghold.

I have always been passionate about freedom, in the fact that freedom is never free.  What you will find in this book will open you up raw as Michael takes an extremely complex situation and compresses it so any reader can easily understand the circumstances that the author and his team endured while in Bala Murghab, Afghanistan.   I have never read a book quite like this one.  The interest came after watching Michael’s film “Infil Exfil”, which brings to light the mental struggle that goes on within all combat veterans.  I knew I had to read this book.

“Level Zero Heroes” brings to light the seven months that Golemesky and his men fought, side by side, going from one extremity to the next.  I’m not sure I didn’t feel a day went by that there wasn’t at least one fire fight while they were stationed there.  These men survived through a couple freak accidents, sniper ambush missions in sub-zero temperatures and trials where you couldn’t see the line between who was a friend or who was a foe.   I kept saying to myself while reading, “this is about to get sketchy!”, not just from the way Michael writes, but I literally felt it in my gut like I was there with them!

So much is bundled into this book that I feel like I will be reading it more than once.  There were some parts I read so fast because I was terrified for the men being written about, I might have missed something!  I was reading this book in the evenings before I would go to bed, which was a mistake because I would be awaking thinking about everything I had just ‘witnessed’.

This is so much more than just a deployment to Afghanistan, so much more a person needs to realize about our country.  Follow the accounts of valor and brotherhood, let this book open your eyes a little wider and understand the passion driven men and women who fight for your country in the past, present and those who will serve in the future!   I feel as though this book will be winning some awards,  a highly recommended read.   Once again, thank you to all the men and women who serve to grant us freedom in the United States of America!


To learn more about the author, keep an eye out for my interview with him.  Find out more about “Level Zero Heroes” on the website below!


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