Mokie & Kade: Backyard Adventure by Shelley Wilson



Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Here we go on another adventure with little Mokie and his owner, Kade!  Kade is having a camp-out with is friends and of course, Mokie!  As you can see from the cover photo, Mokie loves hotdogs!  While setting up for the camp-out, Kade and his friends learn how to work together.  After they get all set up, it’s time for fun and games, until some trouble stirs and Mokie is there to help save the day!

Another great story to add to the series.  My favorite part of this one was when Mokie tears up a pillow in the tent!  This is right up my alley of what my puppy Reuben has done, except he not only tore up the doggy bed of his furry sister, but he also tore up a bag that was full of wallpaper shreddings from our living room remodel!   No matter what they do, you just have to laugh and wonder, what in the world are they thinking?!  I look forward to reading more about the life and adventures of Mokie and Kade!!10559795_10152219917346479_3335415290908271406_n


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