Action Figures, Issue One: Secret Origins by Michael Bailey


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

What a great action packed book!  Not only for young adults, but for any age if you ask me!  This was a nice fresh read from all the seriousness that comes with some of the books I have been reading.  The main character is great, I wish I could meet her in real life some day.  Carrie Hauser’s life has just gone from good, to great, to bad then to good again.  Her life was perfect, she was popular and everyone loved her.  Then, her parents get a divorce and her mom uproots her to a new town where Carrie discovers something about herself that is unexplainable….she discovers she has super powers!  Living in a new town, she befriends other ‘super humans’ and they will all work together to help save the town from rogue artificial intelligence as well as trying to keep themselves safe from the people who are creating these creatures!

I seriously loved this book!  You all need to read it, it is a fast pace fun read that kicks that imagination back into mode!  Thank you to the author, Michael Bailey for sharing his book with me!  I cannot wait to read more of these!

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