Guest Review from a FAN of A SIMPLE TASTE FOR READING, Sarah Kurz…Haven by Stevie Kopas


They continued to talk in the humid darkness on the gravel covered roof, inadvertently bonding over shared tragedies.

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Haven, the second book in Stevie Kopas’ post-apocalyptic trilogy, proves to be just as captivating as the first. After finally making it to the coast, Samson, Veronica, Ben, Juliette, Andrew, and Clyde find themselves out on the ocean in a boat to see what’s left of humanity. Their journey leads them to Emerald City, an upper class resort in a land full of condominiums, shopping malls, and death.


The group is greeted by Gary, an upbeat Brit, who has taken up residence in the main tower of Emerald City.  The group is invited to move into the tower with Gary and they are finding that out of tragedy they are forming an unconventional family.


Along with continuing on with the journey of the group from The Breadwinner, Haven also introduces us to Michelle, a rough and wild woman who seems to be on a mission to hate the world.  Michelle, along with Lulu, her quiet and almost too-innocent friend, sets out to take up residence in the shopping center where the salon she worked at is located. The women set up camp with Francis, a security guard from the shopping center, and Desmond and Catherine, both doctors.  It doesn’t take long for the group to realize that Michelle isn’t exactly a team player or a people person and lots of conflict arises before the new group finally bumps into to the Emerald City gang while out on a supplies mission.


Just as she did in the first book, Kopas has a wonderful ability to create diverse and realistic characters.  I absolutely love the people she has developed, even the ones I hate…and there were some that I really, really hated. The inclusion of both characters that you adore and root for and characters that you positively loath is something that really makes a novel complete.  Kopas also does a superb job of not only including action, which we all know zombie apocalypse novels have, but also portraying the conflict that can arise when a group of people is forced to depend on strangers for survival.  There is plenty of fighting with the eaters, but she also shows us that sometimes the monsters we need to fear aren’t the ones wandering around aimlessly and blood thirsty, but the ones in our inner circle.


I definitely enjoyed the second book in the trilogy as much as I did the first.  I more or less read it all at once, not wanting to put it down.  The general direction that Stevie Kopas took with Haven and the suspenseful ending have me very anxiously awaiting the final book!


*****She has both of her books free on Amazon tomorrow!*****

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