This is a blog that I follow. I just love that all the posts are from ‘the dog’, this one though is really cute! I wouldn’t mind reading this book to my story time kids!

Reading With Rhythm

It seems that I spend a lot of my time waiting.

IMG_4702Waiting for dinner

IMG_1533Waiting for someone to play with me

IMG_4704Sometimes, just waiting – for I’m not sure what

Waiting can be very difficult. Sometimes I get very impatient. Sometimes it’s hard to get anyone to understand what it is that I want. I find that some people can “hear” me better than others. Some of the little kids at school try to do things for me whether I want it or not. They bring me things that I don’t know what to do with. Like cars and trucks. Or dolls. Or their shoes. Or they try to wrap me up when they think I’m cold. Or they feed me stuff. I like when they do that! But the Mom Person doesn’t so much. I usually just sigh and wait for them to decide to take me for a…

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