The Wolf By Joseph Smith


I am the wolf, the taker of life: the predator.

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The wolf, one of my favorite animals, admired from afar.  The beauty in the creature and the brutal killer it really is.  I would like to thank the author, Joseph Smith for sending me his book for review!  The cover of this book is quite intriguing and the pages are filled with drawings quite the same.  It brings the simplicity out in the book.

We can never really know what a wolf is thinking.  We can watch with our human eyes and see the magic in the creature, but we cannot know, cannot feel the true heart of them.  Joseph writes for us through the eyes of The Wolf.  Winter comes for him, it comes for us, we are cozy in our homes with no worries as he is fighting the deep pains of hunger.  We read through the eyes of The Wolf as he thoughtfully battles through winter and the constant thoughts of life and death.  Finding the opportunity at hunting for food becoming less as winter sets in. He gives a fox the option of life, in return the fox shows him the way to a meal that will keep him full and happy. Along the way The Wolf fights many battles, and in the honest brutality of it all.  One must do what one must to survive.

My favorite part in the book:

Whatever occurred last night cannot be undone.  It was a shock to feel such things but I am still alive and while I have this life no matter how weak I become I will continue forwards.  As nothing can outrun me, no fear or memory will be able to keep pace, to follow the paths I take from here.

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