The Wolves of Midwinter By Anne Rice




Nothing is forever with us; it only seems so.  And when it stops seeming so, well, that is when we begin to die.


Publishing Date:  October 15th 2013 by Alfred A. Knopf

Series: The Wolf Gift Chronicles

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Thank you for sending me an advance review copy of this book!  I will share with you all my thoughts on the second installment of “The Wolf Gift Chronicles”.  If you have not read the first book, “The Wolf Gift”, please see my review of it here:


Anne Rice brings us back to the brilliant location, Nideck Point, where we learn more about the life of the “Man Wolf”, Reuben and his distinguished gentleman who all reside in the mansion along the coast of Northern California.  When this new story starts, it is Yuletide and the weather agrees, bringing along the wet and cold.  Yet, this Christmas will be Reuben’s first as a Morphenkinder.  Learning that they too have their own rituals to celebrate.  As the Midwinter Yuletide draws near, they prepare for a festival deep within the Nideck forest.  As the preparations and decorating for the festival are beginning, Reuben cannot keep focused.  He is being visited by a ghostly presence, whom he cannot understand its warning.  The story brings together the most ghastly secrets, ancient spirits and dark, magical powers.  Who are the Morpenkinder and what do they stand for?  Will they be willing to save their own, blood kin in life and death?  Will they be able to keep their deep secrets hidden from innocent lives saved?  Find out in this next intallment of “The Wolf Gift Chronicles”.  Anne Rice does not disappoint with her unwillingness to pull us into these magical worlds that leave us wondering with the very last page, could this be real?  Outstanding read, I hope you all will enjoy these books as much as I am!






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