Glorious Gift Books: The perfect way to dress up a coffee table


On This Earth, a Shadow Falls
By Nick Brandt
192 pages; Abrams
Available at: | Barnes & Noble | iBookstore | IndieBound
In Nick Brandt’s On This Earth, a Shadow Falls stunning black-and-white photographs show wild animals—cheetahs, rhinos, giraffes, and elephants—stampeding, grazing, and wading through the equally untamed grandeur of the Serengeti.






See the World Beautiful
By Anne Menke
240 pages; Glitterati
Available at: | Barnes & Noble | iBookstore | IndieBound
See the World Beautiful (Glitterati) captures the colorful individuality of indigenous communities and the landscapes they inhabit, from Mongolia to Argentina, in images taken by fashion photographer Anne Menke.






Dancers Among Us: A Celebration of Joy in Everyday
By Jordan Matter
240 pages; Workman
Available at: | Barnes & Noble | iBookstore | IndieBound
Bodies of breathtaking grace and agility transform ordinary spaces, seemingly defying gravity as they plié and pirouette through busy streets, a record shop, along a heliport tarmac, and under the Santa Monica boardwalk in Dancers Among Us: A Celebration of Joy in the Everyday, by Jordan Matter.
Underwater Dogs
By Seth Casteel
144 pages; Little, Brown and Company
Available at: | Barnes & Noble | iBookstore | IndieBound
The arresting portraits in Seth Casteel’s Underwater Dogs reveal what’s happening below the surface. Teeth gnashing, paws paddling, primal and hilarious, these canines bubble with irresistible energy.
South Pole
By Christine Dell’Amore
136 pages; Assouline
Available at: | Barnes & Noble | iBookstore | IndieBound
Drawing from Captain Robert F. Scott’s diaries, Christine Dell’Amore chronicles the doomed 1910–1913 British expedition to Antarctica in South Pole. Photographs from the voyage illustrate the haunting account.
By Nealy Blau
64 pages; Decode
A tree trunk curving toward a stream; leaves ablaze in autumn. Nature—or illusion? In Elsewhere, Seattle artist Nealy Blau accentuates the authentic by photographing the artificial: dioramas displayed in museums.
201004-omag-book-coelho-284xFallThe Alchemist: A Graphic Novel
By Paulo Coelho
208 pages; HarperOne
The Alchemist: A Graphic Novel reinterprets Paulo Coelho’s international best-seller with dramatic illustrations, offering readers a fresh take on the magical tale of a shepherd’s journey.
By Catherine Johnson
208 pages; Phaidon
Who knew that Fido and Flossy had such a thoroughly delightful family album! Dogs (Phaidon) brings together 450 vintage, vernacular snapshots of pooches posed under tables and on front porches, in portrait studios and in the loving arms of children and grown-ups. Taken between the turn of the 20th century and the early 1950s, these images of pups—attentive and aloof, perky and proud—tell us all we need to know about the enduring bonds of affection between the humans and the adorable pets who so effortlessly steal the spotlight from their owners.

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