Annelie Wendeberg, author of “The Devil’s Grin”, is ready to get her second novel to a top notch editor! YOU can take part in creating the third in the Kronberg Crimes series, find out how!

This is a friendly post I am doing for this author.

From Author Annelie Wendeberg,

You love reading mysteries & thrillers set in Victorian London? You find kick-butt heroines rather magnetic? You have an insatiable craving for Sherlock Holmes? Welcome to the Kronberg Crimes series!

The first book, The Devil’s Grin, was published independently in September 2012 and did surprisingly well on the US market (Amazon’s #1 British Detective Mystery and #1 Historical Fiction in Febr/Mar2013. And nope, that didn’t result in riches).

Now, the second book in the series, The Fall, is finished and aching to see a top notch editor.

I believe that a book gets better when readers can take part in the creative process of storytelling.

The Devil’s Grin’s newest edition heeds readers’ advice and critique received on Amazon and Goodreads, on book blogs and Sherlock Holmes fan-pages.

To write an authentic Sherlock Holmes is not an easy undertaking. All books in this series are/will be beta-read by hard-core Sherlock Holmes fans to make sure Holmes truly remained Holmes.

Fellow authors and professional editors help to tighten the prose and sharpen the plot. At the end, you’ll get a story that glues you to the book’s pages (or e-reader’s screen).

And here comes the cherry for your cream cake: YOU can take part in creating the third in the Kronberg Crimes series!

You think you live in the wrong century? You miss the smell of eel-pie and horse manure when walking through London? Well, maybe then it’s time to share your thoughts with us on Facebook. We think that Holmes’s disappearance after the Reichenbach Falls must have been more than simply “going into hiding”. A man like Holmes wouldn’t just run away, would he?

The third in the Kronberg Crimes series will cover this period. A plot is laid out, but far from being completed. Take part in the creative process! Share your ideas and vote on other people’s thoughts on our Facebook Page.


If you donate $15 or more, you automatically take part in a drawing for two plushies (courtesy of the German Sherlock Holmes Society). Check out the gallery!

If you’d like your name to be used for a character in The Fall, you have to be aware that this is a thriller/mystery series. You most likely end up as some creep. The more important your character is, the more expensive he/she is. You will also get a subscription to all Kronberg Crimes e-books in the series, a signed paperback and your name on our thank you list on the Kronberg Crimes website and in the acknowledgements of The Fall.


What we need:

$3500 US Developmental editing to force you one the edge of your seat and make you gnaw off your fingernails. This editor has previously worked on several NY Times Bestselling novels!

$500 US Line & copy editing and killing any non-Holmesian slips, done by Carrie from the The Stormy Petrels

What we do, should we not reach our goal of $4000 US:

This is a low risk project. The manuscript is written and I do all my cover art, book trailers, type-setting, and e-book formatting myself. Should the required budget not be reached, I’ll have to get a cheaper editor. The less I’ll be able to pay, the lower the quality of editing services (on avarage).

You don’t have money but you’d still like to help?

How lovely! Please share this page and The Devil’s Grin Facebook page. Thank you so much!

My review of “The Devil’s Grin”:

Sierra: If you would like to help out this author and get a chance to win some goodies, follow this link!  Be sure to check out “The Devil’s Grin” also!

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