Pack Law & Pack Law (The Awakening) By Marie Stephens



Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥

These are two books that I was given by the author Marie Stephens.  I will also be doing an interview with her, so keep an eye out!  I would recommend the audience for these books to be adult.

The first book, Pack Law had a good story line.  A woman working at a hospital is kidnapped one night while tending to a man with a gun shot wound.  Her whole world changes after a sexual encounter that marks her as his mate.  She soon comes to find out what the man really is and discovers a whole ‘pack’ of them.

The writing style was different  but the story was good. I would put this book under the genre of “erotic paranormal”.  I don’t typically read ‘romance/erotic’ books, but I did like the story line.  This book opened up the tale for the next book “Pack Law-The Awakening” which is below!


I liked the second book a little better than the first.  There was a lot more going on. Like I said above, I do not read ‘romance/erotic’ books, but again, it has a great story line, for those of you that do! Zane takes Elaina as his mate after being given the place as the Alpha of the pack. He and Elaina are then drugged and kidnapped to be tricked into Zane taking another mate while under the influence of the drugs. The pack has to determine who was behind it, who the ones are that caused it to be as it broke the laws of the pack.

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