Shadow by Michael Morpurgo



Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Fourteen year old Aman and his mother are barely surviving the violence and terror of life in Afghanistan. They make the choice to flee to England, with only a few possessions and Aman’s loyal dog, Shadow. But life in England doesn’t prove to be the freedom that they had hoped for. It’s up to Aman’s best friend Matt, and Matt’s grandfather to piece together the story of Aman, his mother and Shadow in order to save Aman and his mother from deportation.

I loved this touching story! It was gripping from the beginning. Shadow describes life in war torn Afghanistan truthfully, but with a careful awareness of young readers. Shadow is an inspiring tale of friendship, adventure, a heroic dog, and love. (You know how I love animal stories!) Shadow is another well crafted story from Morpurgo (author of War Horse) that is sure to please a variety of readers!


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