The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

We cannot admire his brute intervention, or his savage cruelty.  He is the enemy of all we hold sacred, and therefore he is our personal enemy, not our friend.  That he has again rescued an innocent victim from almost certain annihilation is, tragically, incidental.  He cannot be thanked for this any more than an erupting volcano or an earthquake can be thanked for whatever good may follow in its wake.  Speculation as to his personality, his ambitions, or even his motives must remain just that, speculation, and nothing more.  We celebrate what we can – that Stuart McIntyre is alive and safe.

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This is a daring novel.  I have read a many of Anne Rice’s books and I’d have to say, I truly loved every minute of this one!

The story takes place near the coast of North California, in a very grand mansion that has so much History in it’s walls, it tantalizes Reuben.  Reuben is a young reporter for the Observer.  He wasn’t well known until he started writing impressive articles for them. He was asked to help sell this mansion with his creative way of writing.  Marchent, the owner of the mansion hired him to lure potential buyers to the place.  While spending a few days there, getting inspired for the piece, he falls in love with the house, land and even for Marchent. Marchent is selling the house because her Uncle has been missing for several years now and she has no hope in him returning and would like to move on. Reuben cannot see anyone but himself in this house. He purchases the place.

One night during Reuben’s stay, there is a break in, Marchent is brutally killed…along with the intruders. Reuben thought he was a goner.  He had been bit by some sort of animal. Later in the hospital he starts going through very strange changes, including rapid healing. His mom has tests done, only to find out each sample disintegrates before it can even be tested.

The change occurs.  Reuben cannot fathom what has been done to him.  He starts putting the pieces together with the history of Marchent’s family.  Makes strange connections through old werewolf tales and books.  He even researches old horror movies!  Nothing can seem to stop him from hearing the cries of innocent people being harmed. He hunts prey in the ancient woods behind his new home. While sharing this mystery with a new woman named Laura. He came upon her home while in his wolfen form and she embraced him.

History comes back, un-aged and ready to embrace the future, to save Reuben from being put under a microscope of probing Russian doctors whose agenda is nothing near good and to renew himself in his old home. Forced under the media’s lights and being hunted by authorities for his savagery, Rueben embraces his “Wolf Gift”.

This book will have you thrown into a modern world of magic, secrets and alchemical knowledge.  This is a journey you will want to take while you watch man turn to wolf and history from the beginning of time come to life now, in our world.

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