Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Werewolf? (Fairytale Retellings #1)

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

How about a twist on the ol’ Little Red Ridding hood story? Sisters Red = great book. Seven years ago, the March sisters were attacked by a Fenris — a werewolf. It killed their grandmother and then went after Scarlett and Rosie. Scarlett fought back. She lost her right eye; she is scarred from the attack; but Scarlett saved her sister. Both Scarlett and Rosie have red names; the color red attracts werewolves; Scarlett hunts and hides her scars by wearing a red cape with a hood. Does this remind you a little bit about Little Red Riding Hood? I hope not 🙂 Seven years later after the attack, Scarlett is dedicated to the hunting down of the Fenris…..Now as I remeber Little Red never had the guts to do this, plus she was victim to a little fluffy old wolf….lets continue on…..Scarlett was protecting a world of people that don’t even know they were being hunted. Rosie, loyal to her sister, also hunts. Rosie wants something out of life. Something more than fighting. What, she doesn’t know because she hasn’t even dared dream of another life. These girls have always lived and breathed Werewolf. Untill Sila comes back to town. Silas is Scarlett’s hunting partner and best friend. They have been friends since Silas’ father helped raise Scarlett and Rosie after the death of their grandmother, who taught all three about the Fenris and hunting and fighting and killing. While every other human is going about thier business and unaware of the “fictional” monsters lurking about. There is a love story among the blood. Rosie falls for Silas. Which she knows means betraying Scarlett. Which she knows would mean abandoning Scarlett, it would mean taking Silas away from her and leaving Scarlett alone. Scarlett sacrificed her face for Rosie, should Rosie sacrifice love in return? Scarlett and Rosie, growing up, ignored the two years difference between them, ignored the two different fathers and saw themselves as almost-twins. In the story Rosie explains “When we were little, Scarlett and I were utterly convinced that we’d originally been one person in our mother’s belly. We believed that somehow, half of us wanted to be born and half wanted to stay. So our heart had to be broken in two so that Scarlett would be born first, and then I finally braved the outside world a few years later. It made sense, in our little pig-tailed heads — it explained why, when we ran through grass or danced or spun in circles long enough, we would lose track of who was who and it started to feel as if there was some organic, elegant link between us, our single heart holding the same tempo and pumping the same blood. That was before the attack, though.” As crazy as this story sounds with werewolves, love, sisterly bonds and blood it is a must read whether your into this kind of stuff 🙂 There is always room for some adventure. 🙂

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